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07/31/2009 00:33

I enjoyed the "Rainman" article; very interesting stuff.

09/08/2009 11:19

Hi David-I followed over from Kims site.I think that what you are doing and how you are doing it is wonderful. I appreciated your post on countering today. I look forward to looking around your site-Kathleen

09/14/2009 10:36

Echoing what Kathleen said, I appreciate all the work you're doing. I included a link to you in my recent blog post on the NAA/Offit brouhaha.


Aspie Al
10/29/2009 21:24

Who is paying Olmsted now?

Aspie Al
10/29/2009 21:35

You're wrong about a lot of things here. Chelation does cure autism.

You may be onto something useful though with Olmsted. I knew he was corrupt but didn't know exactly how.

Aspie Al
10/29/2009 22:00

You should check these links and see how the whole fraud fits together with Olmsted, Handley, Kirby and McCarthy.

11/25/2009 17:36

Louise an I are right impressed with your willingness ta stand up ta the bullies.

12/04/2009 13:14

Mr. Olmsted will be repeating his Amish story on Food Chain Radio tomorrow morning (Saturday, Dec. 5), from 9-10 am PST. It's a call in show. The studio toll-free line is 831-625-2664 .

12/07/2009 19:51

Hi. I had not known you have a website until looked at your profile at the
Good site :) maybe I'll soon get a bit of free time and read your originals.

04/30/2010 18:43

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if you are interested, i hope you will post a link of my site on one of your pages, while i make a link for you too...

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Julian Frost
05/14/2010 05:50

The HazleHurst Appeal from the Omnibus Autism Proceedings just got rejected by the US Supreme Court.

Please email me
08/30/2010 19:52

09/21/2010 10:08

You are misinformed. It happens that n-acetylcysteine really does have many legitimate uses, including the use in asd (it's even been referred to as the new wonder drug). As a dietary supplement, it is very helpful for some asd type issues... repetitive behavior, skin picking, OCD, etc.
GOOGLE it. If you limit your searches to .edu sites, you will find medical research about it.

Annie Phaneuf
04/21/2011 09:57

Hi David
Got your name from a comment you put about Mercury, Testosterone and Autism article a couple years ago. It appears you are doing very well, I am very happy for you. You Are making a difference!! I am writing wondering if you are aware of autism and Gluthatione. I am very passionate trying to help as many as I can with an easy, and natural way. I would love to communicate with you more if you are interested, I leave you the choice, you have my email address. Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care, and god bless you. Annie

02/22/2012 12:28

found my way here via a comment over at respectful insolence. Great, informative site. Love it xx

08/14/2012 00:40

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan

04/16/2014 06:40

Just something about the spider.... I live 25 km where the sprider was founded....The Hüniken´s is not the only one .!po=31.2500


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